EC104 2021 Social Commerce


Social commerce is the process of selling products or services directly on social media, using Facebook Shops, Instagram Shop and other native social media shopping solutions.

Many people mistakenly confuse that social commerce and e-commerce are the same thing. Social Commerce draws traffic from social media platforms to e-commerce businesses. With social commerce, the entire shopping experience — from product discovery and research to the check out process — takes place right on a social media platform.

This is a rare opportunity to learn from 3 experts who will share more their real life experiences on how they build their business on social media.


Key takeaways

  • How can you beat your competitors by using social commerce?2021
  • How to calculate profit in social commerce?
  • Learn the top tips of 2021 for effective social commerce
  • What pitfalls should we be aware of when starting social commerce?
  • How to market our business in social commerce?

14:00 Introduction to Sidec
14:05 Speaker 1 – Sam Kon from Beyond Infinity Consultancy
15:05 Speaker 2 – Aliff Mazli from 8VIC
15:30 Speaker 3 – Geraldine Chin from Surge Connection Sdn Bhd

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